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Before I relocated full-time to this beautiful Island, commonly known as “The Island of The Gods”, I would come here from New Zealand for 3-4 week surfing holidays once or twice a year. I had a good group of friends over here that I could stay with and it was always great to see everyone. The year before I moved here to live full-time (2015), myself and a friend were at one of the Warungs at Echo Beach checking the surf and having something to eat when I noticed our waiter wearing an amazing Silver Ring with a Rainbow Moonstone set in it. I immediately complimented him on it and I was in total awe. I’d seen this style of ring before as many of the locals wear them, but never one like this. It was a Barong Ring and had the head of the King of Spirits carved into the sides and the beautiful oval Moonstone gemstone set in the middle.